Cannot connect to your Azure SQL DB logical server- Azure SQL Server
Category: Azure,Cannot connect to your Azure SQL DB logical server/Azure SQL MI server,CRM Dvelopment Series,exception: Cannot open server,Not able to Access Azure SQL Server from outsite,Not able to connect to Azure SQL server Author: HIMBAP Date: 22 hours ago Comments: 0

Recently I setup Azure SQL Server from Azure portal UI and I wanted to access it from outside so I configured all required steps so that it is accessible remotely like following screen: but still I was getting following error while trying to connect to Azure SQL Server from my machine: Cannot connect to your Azure SQL DB logical server/Azure… Read more »
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Implementing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
Category: Book,CRM Dvelopment Series,Dynamics 365,Dynamics 365 CE book,Dynamics 365 CE Online,Implementing Dynamics 365 CE,Learn about implementing Dynamics 365 CE in your organization,Power Platform Author: HIMBAP Date: 2 weeks ago Comments: 0

Happy to share news that my 3rd book is published now. This book will help you learn about Dynamics 365 Customer engagement implementation options as well as you will learn about how to customize and extend Dynamics 365 CE. This book is divided into following 12 chapters: Introduction to Dynamics 365 CE This chapter will help you to understand basic… Read more »
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Bulk Deletion Job Canceled Automatically – {Quick Tip}
Category: Bulk deletion cancelling automatically,Disable Admin mode Dynamics 365,Dynamics 365,MS CRM 2015 Author: HIMBAP Date: 3 weeks ago Comments: 0

Introduction Dynamics 365 allows us to delete our data in bulk. We can define query to select target data which we want to delete. We can also schedule if require and configure notification by providing email, which is used to send notification once bulk job is completed. If you are new to bulk deletion job then you can check this… Read more »
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Filtering User Lookup based on the Team
Category: addCustomView,CRM Dvelopment Series,Dynamics 365,Filter lookup based on Link Entity,Filter lookup based on Teams,User lookup based on the Team,User lookup filtering,Web API Author: HIMBAP Date: 4 weeks ago Comments: 0

Requirement While working on the Dynamics 365 CE implementation where we are using teams, sometime we want to filter user lookup based on the teams. Our requirement to check security type in our project entity if it is project based we need to filter user lookups based on the project teams which is created using project name, so let’s see… Read more »
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Using Configuration with Azure Function
Category: Adding configuration data to your Azure Function App,Azure,Configuration in Azure Function,CRM Dvelopment Series,Dynamics 365 Connection using Azure Function App Author: HIMBAP Date: 4 weeks ago Comments: 0

Introduction Sometimes we need want to store configuration data in our Azure Function which we can be referenced in our Azure Function, these configuration data includes storing server urls, connection strings, credentials etc. This is very useful when we want to deploy our Azure function in different environment, we don’t need to do any changes in our Azure function code,… Read more »
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Build, Customize and Deploy your Canvas app with CDS
Category: Canvas Apps,Dynamics 365,Power Platform,PowerApps,Virtual Conference Author: HIMBAP Date: 1 month ago Comments: 0

If you don’t know about Power Platform 25 Virtual Conference you are definitely missing lost of valuable contents. Experts from around the globe conducting these session on different topics like Dynamics 365 XrmToolBox Power Apps Power Automate PowerApps Portals Power BI AI Builder Power Virtual Agents You can join them without any registration here aka.ms/power24group6. You can join session based… Read more »
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Developing Scheduler for Dynamics 365 CE using Azure Function Part 2
Category: Azure,Azure integration,Azure Timer Function,CRM Dvelopment Series,Developing Scheduler for Dynamics 365 CE,Dynamics 365 Author: HIMBAP Date: 3 months ago Comments: 0

Introduction This is our second article about developing scheduler for Dynamics 365 CE using Azure Timer Function. In earlier article we developed a simple sample Azure Timer Function, now we are going to discuss how to deploy and configure scheduling for the Azure Timer Function. Solution Let’s first discuss how to schedule Timer to run it on specified times. Based… Read more »
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