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It’s All About Hack4Good 😊
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HACK4GOOD was an amazing event which brought world together on a weekend and all started to hack for good reasons. So many enthusiastic amazing people who loves Microsoft Business Applications (MBA’s) team up with passion to create solutions to help the world and lift it up. Building solutions which is to help the communities and people around the world is such a great thing.

I have been part of many hackathons and this was top of my list. It’s amazing to see the ideas which participants bring into the table and how they execute these ideas using the MBA’s. There were over 390 participants from 40 different countries representing all over the globe.

These Solutions are out there in internet and I thought of collecting these solutions and to give away to the community so that someone who sees these solutions can help the communities if they want to build a solution which is like the idea presented by these teams.

It all started by Chris briefing out teams on the #Hack4good. The image shown below captures all the main points he was touching upon.

Hack4Good – Briefing

The agenda was briefed as well.


There were wonderful time zone leads who were helping to arrange this massive hackathon. It’s not an easy task been a leader in these hackathons because you need to be skilled in adopting and being flexible because always the unexpected things happens and you would need to manage it. We should thank all leads for their amazing efforts.

a group of people posing for a photo
Hack4Good Team of Judges, Leads and Speakers

Time Zone Leads

Time Zone Leads
APAC Lisa Crosbie, Ee Lane Yu, Nijo Joseph
AMER Emma D’arcy, Andrew Welch
EMEA Lucy Bourne, Lee Baker, Alison Mulligan, Mike Hartley
Time Zone Judges – APAC

Time Zone Judges

Time Zone Judges
APAC Elaiza Benitez, Mark Smith
AMER Sarah Critchley, Brian Galicia
EMEA Ana Demeny, Scott Durow, Ben Vollmer

I was really inspired by the speeches from Dona, Keith, Chris and William they touch the heart of people.

Hack4Good – Speakers


Dona Sarkar
Keith Whatling
Will Dorrington
Chris Huntingford

Chris stared with briefing everyone out on the agenda and highlighting key information on the Hackathon. Also mentioning on his past experiences with Hackathons. He also went on to mentioned that some of the apps built in these hackathons are used by the businesses. Therefore, all your effort and time goes into this event is not wasted at all and business are benefitted from that as well.  

This was the most powerful message that captured my eye and thinking 3.7 million #PowerAddicts in the world who are using Power Platform that is just an incredible achievement by Microsoft. It is fascinating to see this. Thanks for Dona Sarkar sharing this and always loves listening to her amazing stories.

There are 3.7 million Power Addicts – Wow !

Keith shared a story about “Terry” during the kick off. How you can help people like Terry and how the technology transforms people’s lives and how we can help people like “Terry” using our knowledge.

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Terry the amazing human being

Then Leads in my session Lisa and Ee started briefing about the rules and what solutions you should be built and what are the criteria’s which will be judged upon.

Also, people didn’t forget to bring their humor and laughter to energize everyone.

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It’s all about fun and vibe

Our team Crime Master Gogo had fun too. It was great experience for Vaibhav Sharma, Subbaiah Thadiyangada and myself .

This was our Team Vaibhav, Subbaih and my self Crime Master Gogo in action !

There are amazing solutions built by the teams which participated in this #Hack4good event. I have gone through most of the videos mentioned below and it was amazing to see the spirit of everyone and how much everyone was focusing on the real problems they face day to day.  Then went on to build amazing application within few hours.

Please find the links below to the solutions.

Team/App Name
Crazy Power Solutions
Power nApps
Shop 4 My Street
Far from Home team’s
Caring Hands
Crime Master GOGO  
Automation Gold
Rapid Response App
Team Power Kiwi
KC College
Team Bourne Supremacy
Kleinvieh macht auch Mist
Power Mentor

Once solutions are submitted the regional judges started their job of selecting the winners from each region.

Below are the videos for announcing Winners. Congratulations to the winning teams from the regions. 🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏

Australia and New Zealand
EMEA Results

It was well worth weekend and spent in such a nice way and it helps to reenergize yourself during these unprecedented times and thanks to everyone who make this event a successful one.

Hope you enjoyed the article please reach to me if I missed out any of the solutions I will add it to the list. 😊

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Analytics with D365 & Power BI
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Analysing Data is essential for D365 F&O or D365 CE. Power BI transforms your D365 data into graphical reports and dashboards. It helps in tapping into the actionable data insights and businesses to make smarter decisions.  The session covered the following areas.

– Leveraging on Power BI with D365 F&O and D365 CE using content packs, solution templates and extending from the solution templates

– Advanced capabilities exist for Data Integration and Data Export Service with D365 CE

– Capabilities of drilling down to the financial data in D365 FO using the embedded Power BI Content

– Tapping into the future possibilities which exist with using Azure Data Lake for the Analytics with D365 FO and Power BI

I delivered the above session in D365 Sri Lanka event which was held on 2nd of January 2019.

Please find the slides in below link. Special thanks to Nadeeja Bomiriya (MVP) for compiling excellent speaker sessions on the d365.technology site. I would encourage to look at the other sessions as well.


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D365 Customer Engagement and Use of Power Platform to build a Quiz App
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Below video depicts an example of using D365 Customer Engagement, PowerApps and Power BI to create a quiz App and getting insights out of it.

Watch the below video and enjoy !!!

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