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Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Technical Deep Dive Part 2 – Configure Custom AI Models to add Intelligence
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How I wish we have prediction models in Dinosaur era – would have saved the species! Yes, our customers might be churning out. There might be various factors contributing the to churn risk of our customer. How do we predict churn and retain our customers? AI is a game changer With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer […]
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Dynamics 365 view – Edit Filter Criteria: “There was an error in showing this condition”
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“There was an error in showing this condition”

When you see the above error on a view criteria, you might be puzzled what went wrong with the condition. It is because, the searchable property of an attribute used on the filter condition is set is “no” which was earlier set to “yes”.

If you want to know what the filter condition is, just hover on the information icon to find the attribute name.

Revert the searchable property of the attribute to “yes” and publish your customization. Once done, open the “Edit Filter Criteria” on your view to see the filter condition appear now 🙂

Tip: If you have a requirement to make an attribute non-searchable, then find the dependencies especially those on view’s filter criteria and resolve it before you make them non-searchable.

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