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Working with Dynamics 365 Portals – Webinar
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Web Roles are used to implement Dynamics 365 Portals security, just like we use security roles in Dynamics 365 CE. Every Dynamics 365 portal user must have assigned some web roles to access Dynamics 365 CE records. In the web roles we can configure entity permissions to implement record based security just like we can do in Dynamics 365 CE and up to what level you can access portal records depends on the scope. While configuring entity permissions we can use different scope like global, contact, account and self.


If you recently started with working Dynamics 365 Portals or have experience with Dynamics 365 Portals but still confuse about how Dynamics 365 Portals security is configured using Web Roles let’s discuss, I am presenting how to implement Dynamics 365 Portal Web Roles this Saturday 18 May at 4 PM IST.

Event URL: https://bit.ly/2HiX12r

> Understanding Security in Dynamics 365 Portals
> Working with Web Roles
> Know about Scoping in Web Roles
> Configure Entity Permissions for Web Roles
> Demo

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Working with Dynamics 365 Portals- Webinar
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Are just started working with Dynamics 365 Portals and have many questions in your mind related to customizing Dynamics 365 Portals and extending it’s capability ?? if yes, join on Webinar where we will be discussing following topics

Quick Overview of Dynamics 365 Portals
We will start with quick view of Dynamics 365 Portals and why you need them.
Setup Portal instance
We learn how we can setup Portals for your Trail organization, if you have setup Dynamics 365 CE trial yet, check our post for how to quickly setup Dynamics 365 Trial
Customization Option for Dynamics 365 Portal Solution
In this topic we will discuss different Customization options available for Dynamics 365 Portals and how we can customize them. You will learn about different components and their use.
Extending Dynamics 365 Portal Solution
This topic will help you identify places where you can write code for Dynamics 365 Portals to extend capabilities of Dynamics 365 Portals.
What is Next
In this topic we will discuss what we are going to discuss in next Dynamics 365 Portals Webinar
Q & A
Do you have still any question, so let’s discuss in this topic.

You can register for this Webinar using this link !!

Looking forward to speaking with you !!

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