Microsoft Build 2020
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Microsoft Build kicked off today few hours ago and it is up and running live now and there were some great announcements came through so far from the sessions. I will be going to cover some of the announcements that I was able to capture today for the benefit of the community.

Dona Sarkar & Seth Juarez started the Microsoft Build 2020.

Satya Nadella mentioned about Microsoft mission and how it empowers people for building applications to help the community.

As always super excited about Power Platform and it’s exciting to see how it’s empowering developers and there are 3.5 million developers that is just amazing.

70% Increase in Professional developers using Power Apps. It’s just mind blowing the speed at which Power Platform is growing.

It’s amazing 70K new organizations are using Power Platfrom.

Power Platform is not only for low code development but it really empowers pro developers this is really powerful message that needs to spread into the developer community.

Microsoft Acquisition of Softomotive was also on display during the #MSBuild.

It’s great to see how all of these building blocks create the intelligent cloud and this is the future and it seems bright with what Microsoft is bringing out. Also scalability and flexibility is available with Azure been the backbone. No other cloud offers what Microsoft offers at the moment and it’s been growing exponentially with lots of features and capabilities.

Scott Hanselman announced about the Windows Terminal 1.0 available from today. You can experience is using the link

Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Codespaces is building custom container which has everything you need. You can go to

The demonstration was super cool I really like the way this presentation

Running code from Teams was amazing. This was one my favorite from the #MSBuild2020.

New capabilities were announced in Azure Free Tier, Server-less Pricing, Auto-Scale

Azure Cognitive Services is so powerful and you can make your apps smarter using these capabilities.

New capabilities Azure Cognitive Services announced too.

Microsoft cloud comprises of Microsoft 365 , Dynamics 365 and Power Platform and it is built using Azure that makes it perfect match.

Azure Synapse Link which doesn’t required ETL.

Analytics in Power BI inside Azure Synapse Link.

New Azure Machine Learning Studio.

New Announcements in Azure Machine Learning

No matter which device you use Microsoft 365 covered it all. Enabling mission critical apps such as Teams is really great during these unprecedented times.

Building new application for teams and publishing it so that users can use it and in one shop application where you can access all your favorite applications make it more productive and you would only need to have Teams to work with other applications. Isn’t it amazing !!!

Publishing your Teams app to AppSource.

Teams and Power Apps is great combination this increases the productivity and let you build the Power Apps from the teams itself. And once you have completed the development you can embed it in the teams channel where users can access them and use it.

Also Imagine cup winners were announced too and the winners are Hollo.

The app which Hollo team build was a mental health companion web app using analytics and AI services.

I hope these will help you in day to day use of the Microsoft Products and it’s an amazing event #MSBuild. 🚀

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Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2020
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Microsoft Business Application summit kicked off today few hours ago and it is up and running live now and there were some great announcements came through so far from the sessions. I will be going to cover some of the announcements that I was able to capture today for the benefit of the community.

James Phillips, President of the Microsoft Business Applications group and Alysa Taylor, CVP of Business Applications marketing discussed about what businesses need from a technology partner today and how Microsoft is helping the organizations around COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Dona Sarkar, Elaiza Benitez , Jon Levesque , Adam Saxton , Patrick Leblanc covered and hosted this sessions and they were doing such a fantastic job.

Key announcements and key facts captured from the session are below.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Related Announcements

AI Driven Finance

There are vast amount of data to work with and carrying out AL/ML using these data gives real insights to the customers and they can leverage on these insights to add value to their customers

Democratization of AI for Finance

Intelligence in finance – Architecture

Customer Payment Predictions

D365 Commerce

Commerce in a day this is good for the enthusiasts in this area to go and attend this event

Using Human Resources inside Teams

Leave and Absence Dashboard

D365 Supply Chain Management

Connected Manufacturing , Guides , Asset Management and Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Planning optimizations this involves with in memory MRP for frequent planning runs

Asset Management

Power Platform Announcements

Charles Lamanna CVP, Low Code Application Platform at Microsoft announced following features for the Power Platform.

The two of the features below are one of favorites from the session which are Adding direct query support in Power BI for the CDS and connecting to T-SQL users directly to the Common Data Service.

Direct Query Support for CDS in Power BI. This feature will be a game changer for me and this will provide the insights to the users near real time.

Power Apps

New Capability Highlights such as Mixed Reality , Microsoft Teams and Converged mobile apps

Power Apps Team Mobile

Customize Teams with Power Apps Studio Embedded this is another great feature which is coming up soon.

Power BI

Arun Ulag Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Shared the Power BI related MBAS announcements.

Enterprise reports will bring the row level security and subscription-based bursting.

Enterprise Reports

Support exporting Power BI content to PDF and programmatically sending it to the printer.

Christian Wade announced that In the coming days ALM will be available this is going to really great addition for the deployment pipelines.

Admin and governance

These were what I was able to capture but I can guarantee their are so much more and please share with community what you gathered from today’s #MSBizAppsSummit 😊

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