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Paginated reports in Power BI: Successor to SSRS Reports
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With the rising popularity of Power BI, we can design fancy dashboards and reports. But, what if we need to design and download reports similar to traditional SSRS reports?Well, Power BI service supports similar reports which can be build using Power BI Paginated Report Builder. Although there are few limitations but if you are considering […]

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SSRS and Power BI comparison for Dynamics 365 CE Reporting
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Hi, Was recently working on a comparison between using SSRS and/or Power BI for reporting for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, below are some of the points we came up SSRS has always been Reporting Tool of choice for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and has been natively integrated with the application. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers Report Parameters for … Continue reading “SSRS and Power BI comparison for Dynamics 365 CE Reporting”
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Analytics with D365 & Power BI
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Analysing Data is essential for D365 F&O or D365 CE. Power BI transforms your D365 data into graphical reports and dashboards. It helps in tapping into the actionable data insights and businesses to make smarter decisions.  The session covered the following areas.

– Leveraging on Power BI with D365 F&O and D365 CE using content packs, solution templates and extending from the solution templates

– Advanced capabilities exist for Data Integration and Data Export Service with D365 CE

– Capabilities of drilling down to the financial data in D365 FO using the embedded Power BI Content

– Tapping into the future possibilities which exist with using Azure Data Lake for the Analytics with D365 FO and Power BI

I delivered the above session in D365 Sri Lanka event which was held on 2nd of January 2019.

Please find the slides in below link. Special thanks to Nadeeja Bomiriya (MVP) for compiling excellent speaker sessions on the d365.technology site. I would encourage to look at the other sessions as well.


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D365 Customer Engagement and Use of Power Platform to build a Quiz App
Category: D365 Customer Engagement,Power BI,Power Platform,PowerApps Author: d365bits Date: 11 months ago Comments: 0

Below video depicts an example of using D365 Customer Engagement, PowerApps and Power BI to create a quiz App and getting insights out of it.

Watch the below video and enjoy !!!

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Power BI & Emoji
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  • How to add emoji in Text BOX in Power BI reports.
  • How to add emoji using UNICHAR() function.
  • How to create your own reference table in Power BI for emoji.

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