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Don't Buy Into These "Trends" About a

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    Fishers condemn ‘hypocrisy’ on marine park boundaries

    Lambert says a lack of transparency among local politicians had hindered discussions and she wanted more information.

    “I would like the council to understand that we are just like any other business, people come and go,” she said.

    “There is nothing like a marine park. People make money and some go and get rich. We are just making money from the marine park.”

    The project, the largest of its kind in the country, will extend the boundaries of an already heavily utilised marine park into six open spaces, which will help protect fish habitat while improving the wildlife habitat.

    The project also has the potential to transform Victoria’s estuary into a vast recreational and cultural resource, says the project’s chief executive, Gary Farrar.

    “If we don’t have one of those new habitats open up and we have an open estuary… there is an opportunity,” he said.

    But the development is the latest in a long list of failed attempts to expand the Victorian Marine Park Authority’s jurisdiction.

    In 2014, the WA Government’s Department of Environment and Heritage cancelled planning permission for the project, saying environmental impacts were too complex and it could take many years to implement.

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