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The 13 Best Pinterest Boards for Learning About k

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    Xenophon journalists metadata in its archive.

    Somehow, it managed to create its own metadata without knowing that there were people on it who would use the data. It can’t know the name of anyone in Australia without knowing who’s on it, but it can generate these “private” addresses, and it could put the email addresses of thousands of people. That means it can create, manipulate and sell metadata for a living, without the slightest suspicion of harm. This metadata can then be sold on, in a market it’s clearly aware of.

    It doesn’t even require any Australian for permission. It doesn’t even need to make any disclosures to its customers, but it is required to disclose its metadata to its users and to give them the tools to understand its content. And the government says it is providing data to the “right people” at the right times.

    This is not a crime. It’s a voluntary act, just like downloading a video on your computer. It’s not criminal. But people should know that the metadata it generates doesn’t come from a police database. It comes from its own archives, on encrypted cloud servers, and in their own names.

    This is, therefore, a very dangerous situation for privacy.

    Iraq suicide bombings kill 23 in Kabul, another three killed in Kabul

    Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters on Friday claimed responsibility for a series of blasts at three military bases, including the base for the US-led international mission that President Ashraf Ghani launched in December to fight the militants.

    But Afghan security officials said a bomb was detonated in a central area of an air force base close to Kabul. They blamed the Taliban for the attack, which killed 20 military personnel and two civilians, including a child. The US and a local human rights group said that 16 civilians were wounded.

    A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, claimed responsibility in a video posted on social media.

    The base is near the provincial capital, Kunduz, where about 15,000 US troops are taking over from the warlord, Gen Abdul Jalil.

    In a statement posted on the Afghan foreign ministry’s official website, the Taliban said the attack was carried out to “punish” the security forces and the government for their failure to stop the Taliban’s attacks, saying that it was aimed at punishing the soldiers who have been fighting the insurgents for years.

    Jalil has not accepted the US strategy to defeat the Taliban.

    The Pentagon described the attack as an “incomplete and unprovoked” attack on the base, which it said was located about 100km (62 miles) west of Kabul, one of two foreign-backed bases under the command of the Afghan army.

    “The Taliban are using an incomplete strategy to create tension in Afghan security forces, causing serious damage to Afghanistan’s ability to respond to the Taliban,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

    The Taliban claimed responsibility in video footage posted on social media, and on Twitter, for the attack in Kunduz. “The suicide attacks at 3 bases will lead to even more martyrs in coming days,” said a narrator in the video.

    The US military said the bases were an important target for militants, particularly in the east of the country as it struggled to contain the Taliban after the 2003 invasion.

    In a statement to the Associated Press on Thursday, Colonel Thomas Thomas, a US defence official, said that the Taliban had not attacked the bases and were likely to be targets for Afghan security forces, but that the US was conducting military operations at a “different phase of the fight”.

    The attack came as a senior military official told the Associated Press that US forces had conducted 10 air strikes this week in the past 24 hours against nine suspected militants responsible for the attack. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the strikes targeted four fighters and three vehicles. He said the US was still assessing the impact of the strikes, which targeted vehicles and insurgents. The attac

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